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How to Pay for Stuff with Cryptocurrency – TRASTRA’s Complete Guide


What could be more convenient than using your cryptocurrency to pay for everything you need seamlessly? No more fumbling around with cash or multiple bank cards – with TRASTRA, you can easily and quickly pay for anything, from a morning coffee to a new car. This comprehensive guide will show you how to use cryptocurrency for payments in no time. So put on your thinking cap, and let’s get started.

Acquiring Cryptocurrency

You won’t believe how often we have heard something like, “ok, makes sense, so where do I start?” Well, never fear because TRASTRA is here to walk you through everything you need to know about acquiring cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurrency? 

Always a good idea to start with the basics. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and not subject to government or financial institution control. Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, was created in 2009.

How Do I Acquire Cryptocurrency? 

There are a few different ways to acquire cryptocurrency. The most common way is to buy it on an exchange, but we wouldn’t recommend this mode of acquiring crypto since the FTX debacle.

Another way to acquire cryptocurrency is by “mining” it. Mining is how new bitcoins are created. Miners are rewarded with bitcoins for verifying and committing transactions to the blockchain public ledger. Mining requires special hardware and consumes a lot of electricity, so it’s not for everyone.

You can also earn cryptocurrency by providing goods or services in exchange for it. For example, if you’re a freelance writer, you could offer your services in exchange for bitcoin. Sometimes it’s called “social mining,” but essentially you’re getting paid in crypto for services rendered.

I suggest we play it safe for now and purchase crypto for euros using a reputable software wallet like TRASTRA. But I can feel a question coming on:

What is a software cryptocurrency wallet?

A software cryptocurrency wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. Just like with a physical wallet, you don’t want to store all of your cryptocurrency in one place, especially on an exchange. And ESPECIALLY on unregulated (decentralized) exchanges – DEXes

Software wallets come with various features that make them more or less attractive to different users. Some wallets are designed for beginners, while others are geared toward more experienced users. Some wallets are better for privacy, while others offer more security. And, of course, some wallets are just more user-friendly than others. 


One thing that sets the TRASTRA software wallet apart from other wallets is its user-friendliness. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy or if you’re starting out with cryptocurrency, TRASTRA can be a great option because we tend to be much easier to use than hardware or paper wallets. While hardware and paper wallets can be somewhat challenging to set up and use, a software wallet can be up and running in just a few minutes. 

Another advantage of TRASTRA is that we offer more features and functionality than other types of wallets. For example, TRASTRA allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from the wallet, whereas this isn’t possible with a hardware wallet. And because the developers are constantly updating the TRASTRA wallet, you’ll always have access to the latest features and security measures. 


When it comes to security, there are pros and cons to using a software wallet. On the one hand, because they’re stored on your computer or mobile device, they’re vulnerable to hacking if your device should become compromised. On the other hand, however, most software wallets (and TRASTRA is among them) offer more security features than other types of wallets, such as 2-factor authentication, multi-signature support, and several others. 

Some software wallets also offer increased security by allowing you to encrypt your private keys before storing them on your computer or mobile device. This means that even if your device were to become compromised, your private keys would still be safe since they would be encrypted and unreadable without the proper key or password. 

How to Use Your TRASTRA Wallet App

The most important thing to remember when dealing with cryptocurrencies is to keep your private keys safe! Private keys are like your password for email; with them, you can access your crypto, so it is important that you do not lose them. From here, it’s all downhill:

Get a TRASTRA wallet

The first step to paying with cryptocurrencies using TRASTRA is to get a TRASTRA wallet. TRASTRA is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. You can get a TRASTRA wallet by signing up for an account on the TRASTRA website. Have you ever opened an account on Amazon or Netflicks? Yup, it’s that easy.

Deposit cryptocurrencies into your TRASTRA wallet

Once you have a TRASTRA wallet, you will need to deposit cryptocurrencies into it in order to pay with them. You can do this by sending cryptocurrencies from another wallet or exchange to your TRASTRA wallet. For now, the easiest way is to attach a payment method to your TRASTRA account (a bank card you’re already carrying in your pocket) and use it to simply buy crypto for euros.

Choose the recipient of the payment

Once you have deposited cryptocurrencies into your TRASTRA wallet, you will need to choose the recipient of the payment. To do this, you will need to enter the recipient’s cryptocurrency address into the “To” field on your dashboard or inside the mobile app.

Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send

After you have entered the recipient’s cryptocurrency address, you will need to enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send. You can do this by entering the amount in either crypto or fiat currency into the “Amount” field.

Select your payment method

Once you have entered the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send, you will need to select your payment method. TRASTRA offers two payment methods: SEPA and SWIFT. SEPA is a bank transfer system that is available in Europe, while SWIFT is a global bank transfer system. If you are sending cryptocurrency to a country outside of Europe, you will need to use SWIFT.

Confirm the transaction

After you have selected your payment method, you will need to confirm the transaction. To do this, you will need to enter yourTRASTRA password into the “Password” field on the TRASTRA web interface or mobile app and then click on the “Confirm” button. Your transaction is complete.

Once you have confirmed the transaction, your payment will be processed and completed.

What is a crypto debit card?

Glad you asked. And before we go on any further, you get one when you order it from TRASTRA.

A crypto debit card is a card that allows you to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere that accepts debit cards. Just like a regular debit card, you can use it to make purchases online and in person. But unlike a regular debit card, your crypto debit card is linked to your cryptocurrency wallet instead of a bank account. This means that you can use your crypto debit card anywhere in the world that accepts debit cards, even if you don’t have a bank account.

TRASTRA Visa crypto debit card benefits:

  • Use it anywhere that accepts debit cards. This is because they are linked to your cryptocurrency wallet instead of a bank account. 
  • You can use them to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. 
  • They are convenient and easy to use. 
  • They offer security and safety features similar to those of a regular debit card. 
  • Some companies offer rewards programs for using their crypto debit cards. 

If you’re looking for a convenient way to spend your cryptocurrency, then a crypto debit card is perfect for you! Check out our list of the best crypto debit cards below.

Other Popular Crypto Debit Cards 

Coinbase Card 

The Coinbase Card is one of the most popular crypto debit cards on the market. It allows you to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere in the world that accepts Visa debits cards. The Coinbase Card is available in the US, UK, Spain, and Italy. It has no monthly fees or annual fees, and there is no limit on how much you can spend with it. One thing to note is that the Coinbase Card is only available to Coinbase customers. So if you’re not already a Coinbase customer, you’ll need to sign up for an account before you can get a Coinbase Card. 

Bitpay Card 

The Bitpay Card is another popular crypto debit card that allows you to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere in the world that accepts Visa debit cards. The Bitpay Card is available in all 50 US states and 130 countries around the world. It has no monthly fees or annual fees, but there is a $3 fee for ATM withdrawals outside of the US. One thing to note about the Bitpay Card is that it only works with Bitcoin (BTC). So if you don’t have any Bitcoin, you won’t be able to use the Bitpay Card. 

Cryptopay Debit Card 

The Cryptopay Debit Card is a popular choice among crypto payment enthusiasts because it offers various features and benefits not found with other crypto debit cards. For example, the Cryptopay Debit Card has no monthly fees, annual fees, or foreign transaction fees. It also doesn’t have any limits on how much you can spend with it. Another benefit of the Cryptopay Debit Card is that it’s available in 40 countries around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. One thing to note about the Cryptopay Debit Card is that it only works with Bitcoin (BTC). So if you don’t have any Bitcoin, you won’t be able to use the Cryptopay Debit Card.

Is making payments with a TRASTRA card as easy as a regular bank card?

It’s pretty much the same, but way cooler. A cryptocurrency debit card is a lot like a regular debit card, except it’s linked to your cryptocurrency account instead of your bank account. That means you can spend your cryptocurrency anywhere that Visa is accepted, both online and offline. To make a payment, you just need to have enough cryptocurrency in your account to cover the amount you’re spending. The cryptocurrency is then converted into euros (or whichever currency you’re spending) and the transaction is processed in the same way as a regular credit or debit card purchase. TRASTRA is one company that offers cryptocurrency debit cards. Their cards are linked to your cryptocurrency account and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. You can also use them to withdraw cash from ATMs. 

Where can I pay with crypto?

Here is a list of the best places to use your cryptocurrency or euros – whichever you prefer. The good news is, you can do it all with TRASTRA without ever needing to stop by the bank. As you can imagine, the list is far from full:


The world’s largest online retailer doesn’t accept Bitcoin directly. However, you can use to shop on Amazon using Bitcoin. is a marketplace that allows you to buy Amazon products with Bitcoin.


Overstock was one of the first big retailers to accept Bitcoin as payment. The online store allows customers to pay for a wide range of products with Bitcoin, including furniture, electronics, and jewelry.


Newegg is an online retailer of computer hardware and software. The company accepts Bitcoin as payment for a wide range of products, including computers, gaming consoles, and home entertainment systems.


Microsoft has accepted Bitcoin as payment for select items in its online store since 2014. You can use Bitcoin to purchase games, movies, and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores, as well as the Microsoft Store online.


Expedia is one of the world’s largest online travel booking agencies. The company started accepting Bitcoin for hotel bookings in 2014 and has since expanded to include flights, car rentals, and activities as well.

Dish Network

Dish Network is a major US satellite TV provider that began accepting Bitcoin in 2014. Customers can use Bitcoin to pay their Dish Network bills just like they would with any other form of payment.


Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. The site has been accepting Bitcoin since 2013 and allows customers to pay for goods with cryptocurrency on various items, including art, jewelry, and clothing.


The online encyclopedia accepts donations in Bitcoin and also allows users to make purchases through its merchandise store using cryptocurrency. All of Wikipedia’s donations go towards supporting the site’s running costs.


Namecheap is an internet domain registrar that accepts Bitcoin as payment for domain names and web hosting services. The company has been accepting Bitcoin since 2013 and allows customers to make anonymous purchases without requiring any personal information


What are the steps for paying with cryptocurrency?

The process of using cryptocurrency to pay for goods or services is remarkably simple and straightforward:


  1. Select a payment processor. Payment processors such as TRASTRA, Coinbase, Coinpayments, and Bitpay are used to convert your cryptocurrency into the currency accepted by the merchant.
  2. Provide payment information. Once you’ve selected a payment processor, you will need to provide the merchant with information such as your wallet address or credit card details in order for them to process your transaction.
  3. Complete the transaction. Once you’ve provided your payment information, the merchant will complete the transaction and your purchase will be processed.

What types of cryptocurrency can I use to pay for goods and services?

Virtually any type of cryptocurrency can be used to pay for goods and services. Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are accepted by most online merchants. Additionally, some merchants will accept more obscure or alternative coins such as Dash, Monero, Zcash and Dogecoin.

Are there any fees associated with paying with cryptocurrency?

Most payment processors will charge a small fee for processing cryptocurrency payments. However, the fees associated with paying with cryptocurrency are typically much lower than traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal.  Additionally, you may need to pay a miner’s fee to complete the transaction. This fee incentivizes miners who handle your transaction on the blockchain.

Is it safe to pay with cryptocurrency?

When done correctly, paying with cryptocurrency is incredibly secure and can protect your personal information from being leaked or stolen. Cryptocurrency payments are handled on the blockchain, a distributed ledger that records all transactions in an immutable and tamper-proof format. This makes it virtually impossible for third parties to intercept or alter your payment information. Additionally, most payment processors offer added security features such as two-factor authentication, which provide an extra layer of protection for your funds.

Are there any merchants that accept cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, many online merchants are beginning to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Popular sites such as Expedia, Microsoft and Overstock all accept payments in Bitcoin. Additionally, many smaller merchants are beginning to accept alternative coins such as Litecoin, Ethereum or Dash.

Is it possible to pay for physical goods with cryptocurrency?

Yes, many online retailers now offer the ability to pay for physical goods with cryptocurrency. Additionally, there are a growing number of brick-and-mortar retailers that accept cryptocurrency payments. You can find a list of merchants that accept cryptocurrency payments in this blog post.

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