We want more innovations to become real in the nearest time. We are filled with buzzwords, memes, opinions about new technologies, we are filled with future. However, we forget to mention that behind all the buzzwords, technologies and innovations are real people with their past, background, and life. It is just food for thought.

Blockchain industry is created by outstanding individuals who seek to make the digital transformation of our world.

We composed our own list of 10 prominent blockchain enablers.

We could make it much larger because there are so many people in blockchain and crypto space to know, but we decided to tell about specific personalities.

Here they are:

Vitalik Buterin

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

One of the youngest programmers in the world. Co-Founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Founder of the Ethereum blockchain platform and Ether cryptocurrency that is number 2 cryptocurrency today in terms of transactions volume. Total Ethereum Market Cap (09/26/2018) is USD 21 billion. Currently, Vitalik works to upgrade Ethereum protocol.



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Susanne Chishti

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

CEO of Europe’s 1st Angel Network FINTECH Circle that focuses entirely on fintech innovations. Founder of peer-to-peer online learning platform FINTECH Circle Institute. Author of the first crowdsourced fintech book “The FINTECH book”.


Charlie Lee

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

Former Google and Guidewire Software employee and former Coinbase’s Director of Engineering. He was deeply inspired by Bitcoin concept, thus in 2011, he created Litecoin cryptocurrency. Litecoin is one of the largest cryptocurrencies by Market Cap. Total Litecoin Market Cap today (09/26/2018) is USD 3 billion.


Laura Shin

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

Forbe’s senior editor of cryptocurrency and blockchain coverage. Laura is also a co-lead reporter on the Forbes Fintech 50 list. Moreover she moderates an “Unchained” podcast about crypto industry and blockchain innovations.


Brian Armstrong

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

Co-Founder and CEO of Coinbase – an open financial system and largest digital currency exchange platform. In August 2017 Coinbase raised USD 100 million in Series D funding led by IVP. In 2014 Brian was featured in the movie “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”.


Elizabeth Stark

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

Acknowledged in AI advisor for many companies and businesses, founder of Lightning Labs where the Lightning (open protocol for blockchain) is developed. Fellow at a cryptocurrency police institute Coin Center.


Roger Ver

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

“Bitcoin Jesus”. Bitcoin.com, Blockchain.com, Z.cash, BitPay, Kraken, Purse.io were the startups invested by Roger Ver. His business MemoryDealers became one of the first to accept payments in Bitcoin.



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Perianne Boring

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

Founder and President of an American trade association the Chamber of Digital Commerce. Perianne was named the top woman in Bitcoin by Coinfilter for promoting a pro-growth legal framework for cryptocurrency. Author of the “Boring Bitcoin Report”.


Nick Szabo

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

Computer scientist and cryptographer who created the concept “bitgold” in 1998, which became a basement of Bitcoin existence. He is also regarded as “smart contracts” creator. Some people think he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin’s “father”, but Szabo denies it.


Meltem Demirors

, 10 People in Blockchain Industry to Know

Managing Director at Digital Currency Group, company investing in more than 100 blockchain and Bitcoin startups. Member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain at the Davos World Economic Forum.



We know, that blockchain industry is a revolution that is led by lots of amazing people with fresh ideas.

Stay tuned!



Olesya Novyk

TRASTRA Community Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager and Junior Marketing Specialist with 2 years’ experience in community management.


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