Bitcoins are the largest and merely the most known digital currency. In fact, they are taking control of the current cryptocurrency marketplace. You won’t be wrong to say that sooner the cryptocurrency will take over the financial transactions around the globe. Here are a few major companies currently accepting Bitcoin.

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“Bitcoin is better than currency” ©  Bill Gates 

Microsoft is one of the first tech giants to accept Bitcoin as an official payment method for some of its top products ever since 2014

By adding Bitcoins to your Microsoft account, you can buy anything from Windows 10 licenses to games, movies, apps in the Windows and Xbox stores.

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Wikimedia, the company that operates the world’s largest open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia, accepts donations in Bitcoin. Payment is done through BitPay.

Wikipedia, company, accept, crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin


Overstock, a famous American online retailer that sells big-ticket items at lower prices due to overstocking, partnered with Coinbase in order to allow Bitcoin payments for their online orders.

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The largest Japanese online retailer, labeled “the Amazon of Japan”, has recently added Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as their payment option and has even launched a proprietary wallet for them. This is one of the largest online stores that accept Bitcoin.

Rakuten, company, accept, crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin


Newegg is a company well known in the cryptocurrency community for purchasing cryptocurrency Mining hardware.

Newegg, company, accept, bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency

Amazon (not directly)- is a Bitcoin platform that allows making purchases on Amazon with cryptocurrency., amazon, accept, bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency


A big number of UK and US BMW dealerships accept Bitcoin, and you could purchase your next vehicle with crypto.

bmw, company, accept, crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin


This leading e-commerce company is renowned for allowing merchants to sell products via online shops. In 2015, Shopify enabled a bitcoin payments option which allowed merchants to receive payments through the popular BitPay.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a commercial flight venture that is owned by Sir Richard Branson – the entrepreneur who is the main brain behind several companies like Virgin Airline and Virgin Mobile – all accepting bitcoin.

Virgin Galactic accepts bitcoin as a method of payment and you can, therefore, buy your ticket to space via Bitcoin.

Virgin Galactic, company, accept, bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency


Playboy TV launched a new payment option that will allow customers to access its exclusive adult content using cryptocurrencies.

playboy, company, accept, bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency