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The Secret to Fintech Startup Success: Less ‘Fin’ or ‘Tech,’ More Customer Experience
Author: Edited by Anton Shmerkin

According to McKinsey, as much as €5.7 billion will be needed to sustain the EU fintech sector through the second half of 2021. What does it have to do with customer experience? "It's simple," says Andrii Safronov, TRASTRA support team lead. "Fintechs are facing significant challenges to turn a profit. They experience a persistent hunger for the capital needed to complete their innovation cycle. Attracting new customers, improving value propositions and ultimately monetising their scale are all reasons that the most sagacious fintechs will have to refine their approach to customer service. We at TRASTRA elevate the notion of impeccable service to an absolute."

AIBC Summit 2021 TRASTRA CryptoWorld
AIBC Summit 2021 in Dubai – Crypto Calls, Raises (VIDEO)
Author: Author: Igor Glavatskiy, edited by Anton Shmerkin

Sorry for the poker metaphor, but in this case, it’s really called for (get it?). On May 25-26, Dubai hosted one of the largest post-pandemic events for the movers and shakers of the Cryptoverse - AIBC Summit 2021, to which TRASTRA delegated our best - Igor Glavatskiy, the Head of Business Development. The charge: to rub shoulders with the fintech elite the world over, raise awareness of our amazing product, and seek out worthy business partners for the API integration of the TRASTRA crypto debit card. Here's Igor’s report from the thick of the action

What is cryptocurrency CryptoWorld
What is Cryptocurrency?
Author: Anton Shmerkin

Surprisingly, few people even in financial markets, even in fields of computer science that relate directly to cryptography are able to produce on the fly a coherent answer to the question "what are cryptocurrencies." Well, we at TRASTRA are always happy to oblige!

What is Blockchain CryptoWorld
What is Blockchain?

Many of us think of blockchain as the technology behind Bitcoin. While this was the original thinking, blockchain is much more than a single application

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What is Bitcoin Crypto Debit Card

Just like a conventional debit or credit card, cryptocurrency debit cards allow you to complete day-to-day transactions using cryptocurrencies. Often, you don't need to worry about whether your physical card will be accepted by a merchant. That's because many of the products out there have been released in conjunction with Visa and Mastercard, meaning they can be used in millions of locations

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Our Best Friends Day Gift: 10 EUR in BTC from TRASTRA to You and Your BFF!

In celebration of the International Best Friends Day, on June 8th TRASTRA extends its best wishes to all members of our community and crypto enthusiasts the world over. As a token of our appreciation, we are announcing the launch of a special referral program designed to bring you and your best friend closer together. The rules are as simple as sharing a dessert:

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The Climbing CEO: TRASTRA’s Roman Potemkin Goes to Elbrus (Video)
Author: Anton Shmerkin

Other than the Munku-Sardyk - the highest peak of the Sayan mountains (3491m), TRASTRA's founder and CEO, Roman Potemkin, has never had any alpinist achievements worth bragging about, and that was in 2008. That is until now when after thirteen years of his climbing debut, he signed on to summit Elbrus - one of the highest and most prominent peaks in Europe. "It's one of the hardest things I ever did," says Roman after the descent, "I had to push myself physically and mentally like I never had before. But it was like a highly spiritual experience, and it's fair to say that a mountain inspires in a way that is virtually incomparable with anything else in life"

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Getting Paid in Cryptocurrency: The Benefits, The questions, The Realisations
Author: Anton Shmerkin

Global remittances continue to rise year on year, aided by the vast number of ways currently available for sending funds across borders. One must only watch a football match on television to get a barrage of commercials celebrating low rates on money transfers, the "ease of use" of MoneyGram and Western Union, and their undying love for customers of all ages, races and creeds. But the fierce competition between legacy remittance companies trying to lure customers into their embrace is a sure sign of greater things to come. Established remittance companies have got to be shaking in their boots, looking at the speed, convenience, high liquidity, independence, and reliability of crypto

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TRASTRA Crypto Salary Card: A Unique Value Proposition for Use with USDC Stablecoin and Personal IBAN
Author: Anton Shmerkin

In general, crypto debit cards allow users to spend their cryptocurrency anywhere debit cards are accepted. But TRASTRA, unlike the majority of cards on offer, has one particular advantage that puts us way ahead of the curve

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Bitcoin Pizza Day Giveaway by TRASTRA

If in 2021 you still have doubts whether or not crypto has a practical use, ask Laszlo Hanyecz - a programmer who has become well known in crypto circles after trading 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John's pizzas on May 22, 2010. Eleven years later, the "Bitcoin Pizza Day" is THE reminder of the distance between Bitcoin, the punchline of a joke and Bitcoin, the digital economy's tour de force