The Best Cryptocurrency News Websites

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are terms heard in colloquial speech in offices, homes, marketplaces and leisure spots. Looking at the velocity with which they are picking up, they seem to be on the track to become common household talk, on a global scale. With the entrance of other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc., more people are getting curious about jumping right in. Others who have already invested, like to keep up with the changing trends but not many know the right sources to rely on.

There are various cryptocurrency websites and Bitcoin websites available to peruse or study for the same, but many people are not sure what they can or cannot believe. The knowledge chasm was too great to be ignored, and so people decided to get together to fix it. Many websites were created that provided the foundation for this information to be passed from the experts to novices. Some of these websites focus on the latest news, while others involve rankings, exchange rates, and networking forums/platforms for people to connect or discuss.

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There are many websites and crypto online platforms that give you the latest cryptocurrency news. Some of the top pages are:


Cointelegraph works from a belief that the decentralized world will grow by leaps and bounds into our world. Based on this future, they write passionate, unbiased, and comprehensive pieces about digital currencies. With AI, VR, and other industries adopting blockchain every day, they use their work to make sure you are kept educated and informed.


Coindesk is a networking platform of sorts that brings people in the global crypto world together. They have the largest number of individual journalists and also host the most important blockchain gathering of blockchain stakeholders, globally, in May every year. This event consists of thousands of stakeholders from over 80 countries. Coindesk engages young people who are new to the world of cryptocurrency; those looking into how this investment works to progress the global economy and give them access to the latest news in cryptocurrency.


CryptoSlate is a generally new webpage that was founded in 2017. It was founded as a completely independent organization in Seattle, Washington, and is not owned by a company in the blockchain industry. They are a group of blockchain researchers around the world who work together to bring you the latest news in blockchain, coin rankings, real-time prices, industry events, etc.

TodayOnChain (TOC)

TodayOnChain markets itself as the one-stop destination for all the latest news on crypto, Bitcoin News, blockchain, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. They have cryptocurrencies in order of their ranks and pricing and selected and curated news and tweets from major influencers in the field of crypto and blockchain. The information has been curated in detail so that the reader easily understands it.

If you are looking for the right crypto websites and which ones are worth looking over, these are some trustworthy websites. They are all curated and researched to be at their most authentic and they also make sure to add information researched by leaders in this field as well.

These websites are legit and all the information on it is based on facts, figures, and analysis of future predictions, based on past performances. As cryptocurrencies grow in intensity and as more people hear about it, digital currencies are going to be seen in a whole new light. Even if you do not think this is something for you to invest in right now, or at all, there is no harm in going through some of these sites, just to learn about something new. It could change your life.

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