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Roman Potemkin

Hard to believe that digital banking, payment processing services, and the remittances market can keep a man up at night, but they do. I breathe innovations in fintech, and I dream of revolutionising retail banking through fantastic user experience and unique technological solutions. Although TRASTRA is a crypto-heavy business, our ambitions lie way beyond the Cryptoverse. Combined with mesmerising possibilities of app-based financial transactions and mobile-first retail banking, crypto can no longer be considered an alternative financial ecosystem. To us, it’s an essential cog in the global digital economy machine that works on mobile devices and social media platforms. And to ignite that machine and keep it churning, we need, above all, quality consumer experience, which was, is, and will continue to be key to success in consumer finance.

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TRASTRA the drivers of cryptocurrency markrets

The Power Balance in The Cryptoverse: Who or What is Driving the $3 Trillion Cryptocurrency Market

On one side, we have respectable crypto millionaires dubbing Bitcoin “a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy” (I double-checked the quote). Crypto-savvy opinion leaders echo the sentiment with “Bitcoin is the Archimedean fulcrum for a global, digital, non-state economy.”  Crypto zealots’ flamboyance is countered by numerous old-school investors and the general “old fart” types who don’t mince words defining the crypto craze in no less colourful language. New-wave academics don’t fall far behind with statements like “Bitcoin is a gambler’s fear index for rich people. […] The notion ... Read More »

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