Anton Shmerkin, TRASTRA Head of Content

Anton Shmerkin

Delivering quality content since… What year was it? 1997? Or was it 1985? I just can’t think of the exact moment I picked up a writing implement or plopped behind a typewriter for the first time. The truth is, I’ve been “delivering content” all my life. Over the years, I’ve schmoozed with the best and brightest of global fintech in New York, Barcelona, Singapore, London, Vilnius, Malta, Paris, and have dozens of articles, presentations, landing pages, videos and stacks of business cards to show for it. And today, dear reader, all this wealth of knowledge and experience is yours!

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TRASTRA crypto mobile app

TRASTRA Redesigns Crypto Mobile App for Better Workflow, Enhanced User Experience

Indeed, even the tech-savvy among us may get stumped once or twice on the journey through the Cryptoverse. For that reason, we set out to redefine the TRASTRA mobile user experience with an even more straightforward, more modern interface. We completely reworked the whole application, the UI became more polished and intuitive, which makes us even more proud (if it’s even possible) of our product becoming more accessible to wider audiences.  With the latest redesign, the TRASTRA’s user interface has changed dramatically. This time, having heard and documented all your suggestions, we went deep. Really deep. The goal was to create a benchmark of an intuitive mobile experience, and, dare we say it, we feel we passed the test with flying colours.  Meet the new and improved TRASTRA crypto ... Read More »

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