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TRASTRA customer experience

The Secret to Fintech Startup Success: Less ‘Fin’ or ‘Tech,’ More Customer Experience

In the age of mobile everything, quality customer experience is the ability to stay on top of your finances via a mobile app like TRASTRA, and it’s critical for productive members of society. The rise in popularity of fintech means that more people than ever can make life-changing decisions with a tiny computer in their back pocket. Fintech startups have a real opportunity to transform how customers engage with the global economy, but the stakes are high. Customers need to feel they can depend on our service to provide a good experience, keep their crypto and EUR secure, and help them achieve their desired results. This is where customer service and online customer experiences generally play an essential role in building trust between fintech startups and their customers. And at ... Read More »

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Bitcoin pizza day

Bitcoin Pizza Day Giveaway by TRASTRA

To commemorate the first time Bitcoin was ever spent on a real-world good, TRASTRA is throwing a BTC giveaway! Prizes:  70 EUR per winner — this should be enough for two pizzas, just like back in 2010. The total ... Read More »