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A Conversation with Hanna Petrova, TRASTRA COO

Give us a little bit of a background on yourself, a short version of your resumè if you will If we start with the degree that I have, it might be hard to explain how I ended up working with crypto. I have a master’s degree in pneumatic and hydraulic machines. In other words, I’m an engineer who should be working on new airplane models or invent a better version of Tesla cars. But after four years of studying, I’ve decided that I need to start working. Since my first job in customer support, I was always connected with financial markets, investments, and risk management. I was curious about the movement of money and assets in the market environment, so I quickly found a gap in the business logic that was causing financial losses and other internal discrepancies for ... Read More »

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Countries Where Crypto Investments are not taxed

Read also – Best travel destinations for Bitcoin Enthusiasts Most countries have introduced a tax system for crypto, but there are however, a few countries where cryptocurrencies are not taxed under some or ... Read More »