10 Gifts for Bitcoin Lovers

There is only one word to describe why everyone loves December: Christmas. It is a holiday everyone looks forward to. Make it a special day for friends who are addicted to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Forget about Apple products, crypto is the new must-have product this season.


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Crypto socks

To keep your toes warm this winter! 




Bitcoin Flask

Who could possibly know a  better way to celebrate crypto growth?



Water Bottle “To the moon and back”

Custom water bottles make perfect gift for everyone, especially for travellers and sportsmen.




Bitcoin Dog Bandana

The decentralized currency revolution extends to animals, too.




Crypto sweater 

Stay cozy during your Christmas days!





Bitcoin Cookie Cutters

Сreate unique and custom cookies for baking gifts, cake top, party favors, and other occasions.




Bitcoin Baby Onesie

Amazing gift for your crypto baby!




Bitcoin Necklace

Is a must-have for anyone who believes in the power of cryptocurrency.



Bitcoin Soap 

To keep your Bitcoins clean!


Bitcoin pajamas

Be the King during your pajama party!




If you wanna buy Christmas gifts with crypto, use TRASTRA card! Easy, convenient and secure!

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